Personal WIP limit

Trying to do too much at once only leads to less actually getting done. This is the core idea behind personal work-in-progress (WIP) limits.

For any body of work in Socratic, you can choose a target WIP limit—that is, the target number of of active tasks you want people to have at any given time. Active means any task in a Doing phase, excluding tasks in e.g. Backlog, To Do or Done.

With your target set, we then show you how many people are at that limit (blue), above it (orange), or below (yellow). Clicking each portion of the bar will show you the matching people and their assigned active tasks, or lack thereof.

Your chosen target will also carry over to the All People view, where you can see how all team members are situated against the preferred WIP limit.

The specific WIP limit you choose is up to you. The real magic is in picking a limit, and sticking to it.

Learn more in our guide: How We Build Socratic.

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