Intelligent forecast

Socratic's intelligent forecast
For work with a due date, Socratic produces a timeline graph that shows two things:
  1. 1.
    A completed tasks line, rising to meet a scope line (that is, a burn-up);
  2. 2.
    A forecast for time to finish, based on your historical actuals.
Socratic's forecast applies data science to your historical actuals. To calculate forecast, we look at:
  • The historical average weekly throughput (in effort days) for the body of work in question, going back to the last six months;
  • The total scope of work, including backlog, and the corresponding effort;
  • Any blocker relationships among tasks. Specifically, we look at the forecast time to complete for all task dependencies.
If even the best-case forecast falls on a date after the due date, the forecast and completed line are colored orange.
We do account for weekends in building a forecast date, and remove that time from the available working time.
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