Generate a changelog

Keeping a weekly product changelog is a good practice. (Here's ours.) A regular changelog demonstrates, to both end users and team members, the pace of fixes, enhancements and innovation.

To create a changelog in Socratic:

  1. Create a new view (called “Changelog” or equivalent).

  2. On the view filter, choose the workstream(s) whose tasks you want included. Then choose the Phase category filter and select Done.

  3. Save the view.

Because views default to showing active (i.e. unfinished) tasks, your initial screen will be empty:

That's fine. For this view, we’re interested in the Completed tab:

When you click the Completed tab, you’ll see all tasks completed for the workstream(s) you’ve chosen, within the selected timeframe. You can customize the timeframe as you see fit.

For an editable, shareable version of your changelog, you can export it to CSV. Just click the export icon in the lower right:

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