You’ll receive a notification in Socratic any time that...

  • You're assigned a task or objective.

  • You're @ mentioned in any comment or description.

  • You have a reply to your comment.

  • Someone comments on a task or objective you're assigned.

  • Someone comments on a task or objective you created (if there's no assignee).

  • You're identified as blocking someone else's task.

  • One of your tasks falls idle.

Subscribe to task updates

By selecting the bell icon at the top-right of task detail, you can choose to subscribe to updates on tasks assigned to others:

When subscribed to a task, you’ll receive notification whenever:

  • The task work phase changes.

  • Any comments are added to the task.

  • The task becomes blocked.

You can take action (reply, resolve, etc.) directly on each notification without leaving the view. You can also optionally receive notification via Slack and/or email.

Tasks you've subscribed to also appear in your My tasks view:

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