Socratic's objectives provides a way to group tasks toward some larger goal.

With objectives, you can see the health, progress, and forecast time to complete for a specific collection of tasks. You can also nest one or many objectives inside a larger objective—very similar to stories and epics.

Unlike the way stories and epics tend to work in other systems, Socratic's objectives aren't just inert containers. The health and forecast of each objective responds in real-time to changes in its tasks.

You can optionally create a plan to manage a body of objectives.

Creating an objective

An objective may be created as part of a plan, or exist independently. They may also be optionally associated to a workstream.

After you’ve created an objective, you assign tasks to it via the Tasks tab. You can assign existing tasks or create new ones directly from the objective. Note too that:

  • Tasks may belong to more than one objective;

  • Any task can also be associated to an objective from task detail.

The Details tab provides for any additional descriptive information you want captured, as well as any attachments, etc.

To add an objective to an existing plan, or to change the plan an objective belongs to, just select the plan in the right-hand sidebar.

Managing objectives

All the work activity on tasks associated to the objective is reflected automatically in the objective. You get a single, unified view of health and progress of any objective, updated in real-time.

This includes a forecast time to complete, based on Socratic’s intelligent forecast:

It also includes Momentum, which shows at a glance whether the objective work is moving versus stalling or regressing.

The People tab shows all people working on tasks that are part of the objective.

The Trends tab provides Trends analysis for all the work specific to the objective—letting you see things like how demand (scope) is changing over time, and whether anything like the speed or efficiency of work needs attention.

When an objective is finished, you can mark it complete from the All Objectives view. You can also optionally archive objectives.

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