Socratic’s views let you create a unified look at the progress, health, and forecast time to complete for virtually any body of work.

Creating a view

Creating a view is as simple as naming it and setting its filter criteria. As a default, views are publicly available to all team members. You can optionally mark a view as private, in which case it’s visible only to you.

To set your filter criteria for a view, first click the edit button in the upper right:

You can then set and save the filter criteria for the tasks you want to see in your view:

Managing views

Views are dynamic. This means that as new work is created that matches a view's filter criteria—or if the view's criteria is changed—the view will automatically adjust to capture the latest matching work.

For each view, we show all matching tasks, separated by active and completed. For completed tasks, you can further filter by timeframe of completion.

The People tab shows all people working on tasks that match the filter criteria for that view; the Trends tab provides Trends analysis for all the work specific to the view.

If you no longer need a view, you can archive it from All Views. Just click the ellipsis (...) next to the view name:

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